Zero-PII Data Sharing

We know how important customer data is and we understand many of the challenges it can create. Keeping data safe as it is processed and moved across your organization is one of them; and reducing attack surfaces where personal data gets unnecessarily copied to systems, databases and third-parties, is another.

This is why we built Trunomi to provide zero-PII data intelligence – so that businesses can get all the intelligence they need from their data, while removing all unnecessary risk. Trunomi makes this easy by removing the need to share PII, and automates the heavy lifting using powerful APIs – giving you a single view of your personal data with secure, query-able intelligence.

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Automated Intelligence


Trunomi automates secure records of data intelligence using simple APIs that don’t interrupt your data flows. These records are automated during actual data processing events, capturing the who, what, where, why, when around data processing, providing insight into how you are allowed to use customer data (permissions), as well as the sharing of secure facts (attestations).




Light-weight, tamper-proof and query-able, these records replace the need to unnecessarily copy and move raw PII around your business, as they can be shared in real-time with any systems, databases, third-party tools and partners.




Manage data processing and Privacy from a single source of the truth, automate workflows anywhere in your business, and eliminate risk across your entire flows.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Zero-PII records of processing automate intelligence via Trunomi’s Reporting, creating a single view of your organisation’s PII, data permissions and processing activities – from understanding your consents and permissions, to secure attestations such as customer conversions or loyalty upgrades.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Marketing and Governance teams

With real-time visibility into data flows as well as ingest capabilities for historic processing, businesses will have unprecedented insight and control over their customer data.