You Don’t Need Personal Data to Build a Personal Service

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  3 min Read   |  Published: Wed Mar 3 2021
The arrival of Global Privacy regulation and its enterprise-wide implications means that businesses are building Privacy as a service, not just a UX consideration. Extraterritorial Privacy regulations demand a better understanding of personal data, as well as access to and control of that personal data. For enterprises of a certain age or size, this can mean data across group and subsidiary companies, websites, apps, products, services and more.

However, businesses don’t need to be Apple to build a best-in-class, enterprise-wide Privacy programme. What they need is a centralised platform to manage privacy and report on customer data across all touchpoints, departments, systems and third parties. Built with data security and minimisation at its core – and needing only metadata to run its platform – Trunomi can provide Privacy as a service in record time, without the need to copy or transfer data sets.

Start with Zero-Data Privacy UIs

There is no better way of building strong, long-term trusted relationships than by being open, transparent, and by giving customers control over their personal data. While this can sound like an arduous and, quite frankly, scary process, Trunomi provides out-of-box privacy mechanisms that can make this easy for the largest of enterprises.

By using metadata to model, map and track customer data flows, Trunomi’s platform makes it easy to build accurate, relevant and personal ‘My Data’ Portals quickly for your customers, giving them a seamless and transparent privacy experience at any touchpoints.

Building ‘My Data’ Portals quickly with Trunomi:

  1. Model your customer data flows – using Trunomi’s easy Data Model UI
  2. Populate ‘My Data’ Portals using only metadata – embed Trunomi’s customer portals anywhere and populate them with relevant, real-time information for your customers on their data and processing
  3. Allow consent & permissions management from inside the portal
  4. Allow Customer DSRs – Data subjects can submit their requests against specific data sets via the portal
  5. Automate data preferences management and DSR process end-to-end – Pre-defined rules and processes set by your businesses can ensure the efficient and automatic fulfilment of customer requests
  6. Locate raw data using Data Pointers – Trunomi’s patented Data Pointers enable businesses to record the source location of a data set and to build this into their data models over time, enabling full automation of DSRs end-to-end
As a rules-based platform, the ‘My Data’ portals trigger automatic, pre-defined processes to automate data preferences management and the fulfilment of Data Subject Access Requests and can even trigger the actions taken, e.g. permission revoke or data erasure.

Crucially, Trunomi is built to wrap around your business’s specific user journeys and workflows, and is fully customisable to help you meet your regulatory requirements with zero-disruption to existing data flows and systems.

A Solution That Can Give You a World-Class Privacy Service Today

Once connected with Trunomi you can begin to provide Privacy as a service for your customers within a matter of hours. A typical integration with Trunomi requires only a single connection, and Trunomi’s flexible, off-the-shelf ‘My Data’ Portals can be embedded into any digital touchpoint. If your business already has customer preference centres, you can simply push the metadata to us via our APIs. We make Privacy as a service easy by never seeing, touching or storing your customers’ data.

To see how we can provide you with best-in-class Privacy today, get in touch at