Duplicate transactions account for billions of dollars in value per year, and can cost companies, payment processors and other businesses millions.

This is why we built TruPayments: a rules-based permissioning layer, built to validate payment transactions in real-time and prevent duplicate payments from being made.

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TruPayments uses Trunomi’s patented technology to automate the validation of payment transactions.




Banks can create rules to automate the prevention or flagging of any dual payments, from alerting systems and stakeholders, to preventing payment execution pre-trade.


Make Visible


With automated TruPayment intelligence and Reporting, audit-ready records of flagged payments provide full visibility of a transaction’s context and history.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

From insight on duplicate payments across your entire infrastructure, to real-time visibility on the handling of individual transactions, Trunomi’s metadata-only intelligence gives you actionable insights on payments without ever having to share raw PII with Trunomi.

TruPayments connects seamlessly via API with your existing payment infrastructure. With our privacy-preserving technology, businesses face zero-risk when using TruPayments because we never copy or store your data.