The Future of Personal Data Protection, Consent and Permissions

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4 min Read   |  Published: Mon Jun 1 2020
The world has changed. Now, more data is being collected about people by organisations than ever before. In this ever-increasingly data-rich landscape, businesses have unparalleled opportunities to gain new customer and market insights, improve their products and services, and most importantly gain their customers’ trust. A business’s ability to harness all this potential is fuelled by their ability to safeguard this data and use it responsibly.

Today, customers expect superior handling of the information they give to an organisation. And gaining a customer’s trust for that organisation often leads to more data, understanding more about the customer and generating a greater sense of loyalty.

At Trunomi, we’ve developed a revolutionary new kind of data protection software that enables businesses to finally see the big picture of the data they hold, so they can make better business decisions and enable superior data protection. Read on to discover what that means for you.

Visibility has never been more important

Businesses need complete visibility over the data they hold – even if it’s disconnected and spread across multiple systems within the organisation. To see the full picture of a customer’s data, they need to be able to answer these questions:

  • Who the customer is (‘customer ID’)
  • What kind of data is held (‘data type’)
  • Why they are holding the data (‘purpose of processing’)
  • Where the data is stored (‘data location’)
  • When they customer agreed to provide it (‘timestamped consent’)

With full data visibility, data protection works for your business, not against it. It can enable your ability to innovate, grow and progress. It helps you to make more informed and better decisions. Ultimately, it can define your edge as you move into the future. But a total paradigm shift is required to achieve this kind of visibility and truly make data protection work.

Become a new kind of consumer champion

This kind of transparency doesn’t just please the regulators. Customers have grown wary of businesses’ monetisation of their personal data. Until now, they’ve become jaded by organisations that shroud their data use with secrecy and prioritise profits over privacy. On the other hand, if you can convince them that everything’s above board, they have an extremely compelling reason to give you their ongoing loyalty. Our data protection software also allows you to provide your customers with unprecedented access to their personal data, if, for instance, they make a subject access request.

You can provide the reassurance that customers have long wanted, so they’re safe in the knowledge that they and their data are not being exploited. By empowering customers with visibility and greater ownership over their personal data, businesses can truly distinguish themselves from the competition. It’s a chance to be seen not just as an organisation that complies with regulations, but as a full-blown consumer champion. This is how you can make your name as one of the new ‘good guys’ of data protection.

A better way to handle personal data

Trunomi’s patented TruID technology provides a new kind of personal data visibility that is now vital for businesses. Customer data is collected the same way it usually is, via your business processes. But, as the data is collected, we connect your databases and departments to bring together all the data you have collected on a customer.

With TruID you get a quick and easily accessible record of everything you hold on that customer, enabling safer, faster and more accurate business processes to be carried out. When you have a full and clear picture of all your data, you can more effectively respond to customer inquiries, audit your data and provide the regulators with a data trail.

Revolutionising permissions and consent

As well as data visibility, Trunomi has also developed a new way to make data permissions and consent truly work for your business. TruCert, another of our patented technologies, compiles an immutable record of:

  • Who consented for their data to be used
  • Why it was taken
  • Where it’s stored
  • When the customer gave their consent

Because it’s a record that describes the data you hold, rather than actually containing any sensitive data itself, a TruCert can always be inspected or transmitted when necessary, unlike the actual personal data itself, which is subject to data regulations.

In a nutshell, it means anyone who needs to can deal with the personal data you hold – such as actioning access requests, modification or erasure – without needing to potentially compromise that sensitive data.

Our TruCert and TruID technology can all be implemented with our simple-to-use API. It’s secure, responsive and quick to integrate – good news for developers. At Trunomi, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make the very best use of your data, while staying on the right side of all data protection laws.

Ready for the data protection paradigm shift?

We hope this article has helped you to understand just why it’s so important businesses completely change the way they deal with personal data, consent and permissions. With Trunomi, organisations all over the world are discovering a new way to handle their data. With our help, you can switch on trust and open the door to future possibilities.

Want to learn more about how Trunomi can revolutionise data protection for your organisation? Get in touch with one of our team today.

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