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We enable Businesses to demonstrate compliance and accountability in customer data use

Trunomi provides customer consent and data rights management technology which enables businesses to request, receive, capture and prove the legal basis for processing customers data. We enable businesses to comply with EU GDPR & ePrivacy Regulation, global data privacy laws, automate compliance and future proof for regulatory change. Turn regulation from a burden into a competitive advantage – harness Trunomi to prove accountability in data use and access personalized, relevant, permissioned data sets from customers, in real time, to enhance the customer relationship and increase revenue.

Find out how working with Trunomi can simply and quickly solve your use case.

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Comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will control the security and management of customer data and for the first time put the power into the hands of consumers.

Financial institutions will have to fundamentally rethink the ways in which they collect and handle customer data or face penalties.

Find out how working with Trunomi can simply and quickly solve key aspects of the new regulation.

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Consent to Digital Marketing

Large corporations are experiencing disruptive competition from new entrants who are benefitting from falling costs of innovation due to advances in communication technology.

Firms face growing barriers to launching new products designed to leverage existing customer relationships and data, undermining their innovation efforts due to lack of consent to use personal data for direct marketing, in compliance with privacy regulation.

Find out how working with Trunomi can simply and quickly solve key aspects direct marketing of the incoming regulation.

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Open Banking and PSD2

The Financial Services industry is undergoing another major transformation underpinned by Open Banking and PSD2, initiatives designed to bring more competition and innovation to financial services. Open Banking and PSD2 aim to give customers more control over their financial data and to open up the banking landscape to new and competitive third-party products and services. Trunomi provides consent and data rights management technology that allows businesses to request, record and immutably prove customer consent to the use of their personal data. Trunomi’s end-to-end consent management allows businesses to embed Personal Data sharing controls seamlessly into existing and pre-authenticated customer touchpoints and capture customer consent to account access by Third Party Providers (TPPs).

Find out how working with Trunomi can simply and quickly solve your Open Banking and PSD2 needs.

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Digitally update Terms & Conditions

Today businesses (particularly Financial institutions and insurance companies) send account change notifications through the post – accumulating high costs.

The Trunomi platform provides a secure, auditable and all-digital communication channel between businesses and customer; businesses and customers can send documents and messages with ensured, certified delivery.

Find out how the Trunomi customer-driven data sharing platform reduces operational costs and inefficiencies and increases customer retention by enabling amazing end-to-end digital experience.

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Digitally onboard with Consent to use Customer Data

Customer demand for all-digital on-boarding and account opening experiences however all digital data delivery results in increased risk of data privacy regulatory fines and sanctions (as much as 4% of global revenue under EU GDPR).

Find out how to solve the challenge of sharing and maintaining consent to use customer ID data through the Trunomi data rights management platform and immutable, auditable consent certificate, TruCert™.

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