Comprehensive Data Privacy and Governance Capabilities

All powered by Trunomi’s core TruID and TruCert™ technology.

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Data Retention

Automate necessary actions against any data sets when time periods expire – based on rules defined by you.

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Data Matching

Match personal data records across databases and systems and combine them into a single record.

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Data Minimization

A future-proofed, interoperable standard of Privacy across your business’ entire flows.

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Data Mapping & Pointers

Visualise where data travels across systems, partners and borders, and map where it is stored.

Data Tracing - Capabilities

Data Tracing

Understand where source data ends up in your business, and where it gets copied to and from.

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Data Lifecycle Management

Understand what has happened to personal data over its entire lifecycle in your business.

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Records of Data Processing

Maintaining accurate and
audit-ready records of data processing for global Data Privacy compliance.

Coonsent _ permissions - product

Consent & Permissions

Meet the highest standards when requesting consent and prove all legal bases for data processing downstream.

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Cookie Consent

Request, record & manage cookie consent across any website, app, product or service.

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Customer ‘My Data’ Portals

Privacy as a Service (PaaS) for your customers across any website, app, product or service.

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DSR Automation

Support & manage Data Subject Requests from point of request, to fulfilment.

Data Reconcilliation - Capabilities

3rd Party Data Reconciliation

Easily match customer records across your third-parties – for interoperability and financial reconciliation.

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Zero PII Data Sharing

Create zero PII records of intelligence to share across systems, borders and with 3rd parties, without ever moving personal data.

TruPrivacy SDK - product

TruPrivacy SDK

Embed all our privacy capabilities and Privacy as a Service (PaaS) into any mobile application.

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Sits on top of existing dataflows to flag duplicate payments in real-time, so that you can decide how to handle them.