Customer ‘My Data’ Portals

Consent and permissions are now the foundation for businesses to hold personal data. Capturing, recording and allowing customers to manage their consent and preferences downstream under Data Privacy compliance is critical.

This is why we provide out-of-the-box ‘My Data’ Portals: so that businesses can meet the highest standards when allowing customers to manage their consents, permissions and data preferences – whether under the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, POPIA or other.

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Trunomi automates the compliance needed under regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA and LGPD for maintaining detailed records of data processing.




Trunomi automates the creation of consent and permission records using powerful APIs at customer touchpoints. These contextual, metadata-only records evidence the history of data collection, and can be used by the business both internally, as well as externally for proving compliance to customers.


Make Visible


Trunomi provides either out-of-box user interfaces (UIs) or simple APIs, so that you can provide best-in-class Privacy touchpoints that suit your brand. With Trunomi’s technology, customer ‘My Data’ Portals are populated with real-time, relevant information, so your customer always feels informed and in control of their data.




Based on rules set by you, workflows can be created based on consent and preferences management from within ‘My Data’ Portals.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Consent and preferences intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can understand your business’ PII, data permissions and customer data preferences from a single screen.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Marketing and Governance teams

From consent performance across specific products and services, to DSR requests and unsubscribe rates, Trunomi’s metadata-only intelligence gives you actionable compliance and marketing insights without ever having to share raw data with Trunomi.