Data Tracing

Personal data regularly gets copied across systems and databases throughout organizations. When the time comes to audit, retrieve or update these records, it is often hard to pinpoint exactly where data has ended up.

Not knowing where data sits in your business can cost you time, effort and resources and now – with global Privacy regulation – potentially large fines. This is why we built Data Tracing with Trunomi – a secure data processing tracker, so that you will always know where data sits across your organization.


Automated Intelligence


By simply connecting to Trunomi, Data Tracing is automated through the tracking of processing events that point to your systems, databases, tools and 3rd party partners, so that you never lose track of your data again.




Understand not only where source data ends up, but where data is copied to, and the cases in which data may be partially copied.




It can also include information about who has accessed it, what systems are actively processing it, and what has happened to it over its entire lifecycle in the business (e.g. rectification, deletion, anonymisation, etc).

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Data Tracing insight and intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can obtain a single view of your data flows. From high-level system overviews, to individual customer data flows, businesses will always know where data ends up across their infrastructure.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Technology and Governance teams

Whether for Data Subject Requests (DSRs), audits of processing activities or data breach management, businesses never have to worry about quickly and accurately locating data again; and allowing businesses to manage systems based on usage means reducing risk to your valuable data stores.

data mapping dashboard