Data Retention

Personal data regularly gets copied to systems and databases, and when the time comes to delete, move or update these records, it is often a manual and siloed process.

Holding data without justification is a significant risk – one that attracts large fines and puts companies in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This is why we built Data Retention capabilities in Trunomi.

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Flexible Rules


Processing and retention durations can be defined for specific data sets across any databases and systems, and Trunomi allows you to set the parameters for the actions required when time periods expire. Trunomi makes visible the actions that are required for specific customer records, different types of data, and across which systems they must be taken.




You then set the rules with Trunomi: from fully automating e.g. data deletion, to flagging data that may require human intervention.




Every activity is recorded by Trunomi and our reporting tools allow businesses to evidence compliance and management for any regulation.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Data Retention intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can understand your processing durations, actions required and retention activities from a single screen. 


Actionable insights for data owners, Privacy and Governance teams

Trunomi reduces attack surfaces and unnecessary storage costs, meaning expiring data sets will simply no longer be a worry or a risk. Instead, businesses will be able to focus on making the most of their data.

data retention dashboard