Data Protection Day: Are You Doing Enough?

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Published: Thu Jan 27 2022

January 26th 2022 sees the 16th annual Data Protection Day, is your organisation treating its data in-line with the best practices this day celebrates?

Data Protection Day: Are You Doing Enough?

Tomorrow, January 28th, is the 16th annual Data Protection Day. Founded to celebrate the anniversary of Convention 108, the first major global data privacy Convention in 1981, Data Protection Day is intended to both raise awareness of best practices around protecting ever increasing quantities of personal data, while also drawing attention to the significant improvements still to be made.

For all of the progress achieved in the 41 years since, it is remarkable that even now, only 69% of countries globally have specific Data Protection legislation in place.

With privacy laws and regulation varying wildly from country to country (and even region to region, with the USA’s CCPA being an obvious example of this), organisations can find it extremely challenging to develop a coherent global data privacy policy. With recent judgments within the EU effectively forbidding cross-border transfer of EU citizens’ personal data without explicit consent, compliance is becoming ever more complex.

Regardless of which region or country you’re in, and how far you are through your data protection journey, Trunomi is here to help.