Data Minimization

Building successful data minimization strategies into your products and services can be challenging, especially across complex infrastructures and data flows.

The best data minimization strategy is not just about reducing attack surfaces: it includes creating a future-proofed, interoperable standard of Privacy across your business; and not just maintaining but building on business intelligence – all while retaining core business function.

This is why Trunomi’s technology is built to require zero PII – to be the easiest way for businesses to implement our Privacy services, whilst benefiting from Data Minimisation across entire flows.

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Trunomi provides seamless data minimisation for businesses across any system, product, service, third-party relationship or data flow.


Capture Intelligence


Trunomi automates the creation of contextual, metadata-only records during actual data processing events. These intelligent records capture the who, what, where, why, when around your organizations PII, so that you can understand whose data you hold, how you’re allowed to use it and how long for.




Secure, light-weight and query-able, these records replace the need to copy and move raw PII around your business, as they can be shared in real-time with any systems, databases, third-party tools and partners.




From automating data processing based on workflows, to sharing zero-PII intelligence with third-parties – Trunomi can begin building data minimisation into your business today.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Insights to help your business drive data minimisation are automated via Trunomi’s reporting, where you can view high-level data flows, down to consent and permissions at the individual customer level.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Technology and Governance teams

Understand what data you process, why you hold it and how you’re allowed to use it, all from a single screen.

Data Minimisation dashboard