Data Matching

We know how important customer data is and we understand many of the challenges it can create. Obtaining a ‘golden’ record – or ‘single version of the truth’ – for your customers across your infrastructure is one of them.

This is why we created TruDataMatch: a proprietary enterprise personal data matching technology.

data matching logo

Match & Locate


Quickly identify exact and partial data matches across any data set, databases and systems.


Make Visible


Via the simple user interface, TruDataMatch highlights exactly what is matched and what may require human intervention.




Use automation to combine them into a single, ‘golden’ record of truth – with 100% accuracy.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Data matching intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can understand matched, mismatched and missing records all from a single screen.


Actionable insights for Privacy, Technology and Governance teams

And with our privacy-preserving technology, businesses face zero-risk when using TruDataMatch because we never see or store your PII – it always stays with you.