Data Mapping & Data Pointers

Increasing data security and Privacy demands have seen a rise in the need for enterprise Data Mapping – the ability for businesses to address risk by recording, visualising and more easily managing data flows across their infrastructure.

Data mapping without automation and real-time validation means that it is often a manual and inaccurate process, leading to exposed risk, errors in management and non-compliance. This is why we built Data Mapping in Trunomi – so that businesses can automate and easily map their data flows, across even the most complex of infrastructures.

Trunomi provides data mapping for businesses across any system, product, service, third-party relationship or data flow. Our smart data pointers allow the tracking and location of data events across the business, all without processing any PII.


Automated Intelligence


Metadata-only records of intelligence are automated during actual processing events for real-time, accurate views of your data flows. These records of intelligence contain data pointers, which point back to the systems, databases or third-party partners to which data is shared, or ends up.




Trunomi records actual data tracing events in your systems, so that data flows can be verified, and data entry can be confirmed downstream.




Trunomi’s reporting allows businesses to visualize where data travels through systems and services and where data is stored.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Data Mapping insight and intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can obtain a single view of your data flows. From high-level system overviews, to individual customer data flows, businesses will always know where data resides across their infrastructure.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Technology and Governance teams

Understand and manage risk based on system usage, report on data lifecycle management, and evidence compliance with records of processing – all from a single screen.

Data Minimisation dashboard