Consent & Permissions

Consent and permissions are now the foundation for businesses to hold personal data. Capturing, recording and proving customer consent and data permissions for Data Privacy compliance is critical.

With Trunomi, businesses can meet the highest standards when requesting consent and can prove all legal bases for data processing downstream – whether for the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, POPIA or other.

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Trunomi enables compliance for businesses to request specific, informed, freely-given consent, using either our flexible, out-of-box consent widgets, or simple APIs.




Trunomi automates consents and permission records using powerful APIs that don’t interrupt your data flows. These contextual records capture the full history of customer data over its entire lifecycle, which lets you evidence compliance and understand all the ways in which you are allowed to use your data.




These Records of Processing are secure, tamper-proof and query-able, meaning they provide trusted evidence of compliance, can be shared with systems and third-parties, and can be used to automate end-to-end workflows.

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

Consent & Permission intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can understand your business’ PII, data permissions and processing activities from a single screen.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Marketing and Governance teams

With real-time visibility into data flows, as well as ingest capabilities for historic processing, businesses will have a golden record of consent & permissions across their entire business.

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