Data Protection Day: Are You Doing Enough?

Data Protection Day: Are You Doing Enough?

January 28th is the 16th annual Data Protection Day. Founded to celebrate the anniversary of Convention 108, the first major global data privacy Convention in 1981, Data Protection Day is intended to both raise awareness of best practices around protecting ever increasing quantities of personal data, while also drawing attention to the significant improvements still to be made.

Eliminate Your Business’ Risk of a Data Breach

For the world’s leading businesses, data is arguably its most important asset, but while it provides a great opportunity for businesses, managing that data can be a challenge. In this blog, we’ll look at a recent example of a damaging data breach and discuss how the right solution would help you avoid the fallout.

The Future of Personal Data Protection, Consent and Permissions

More data is being collected about people by organisations than ever before – in this ever-increasingly data-rich landscape, businesses have unparalleled opportunities to gain new customer and market insights, improve their products and services, and most importantly gain their customers’ trust.

CMO vs. DPO: The War Over Data Protection Within Your Organisation

From understanding market trends to connecting with customers, and improving internal processes, data is incredibly important for organisations of every size. In this article, we discuss the rivalry between CMOs and DPOs in large organizations and consider how technology can provide a solution.

GDPR Compliance Two Years on: What’s The Situation?

May 2020 marks two years since the EU’s GDPR regulation became enforceable. The legislation created a new standard for global data protection. In this blog, we take a look at how GDPR compliance has changed over two years and how many companies are still adapting to the new normal.

How Will the Uptake of Digital Services Due to Covid-19 Impact Online Privacy?

Covid-19 has seen countries around the globe introduce social distancing, self-isolation, and lockdowns on an unprecedented scale. Naturally, these measures have led to huge numbers of people turning to online tools and digital services. The main question we want to consider here is, how will this huge uptake in digital services impact data privacy?

MDMs Do Not Solve Personal Data Privacy

An MDM’s goal is to master data, to have all systems and processes come to it for their data needs while also claiming granular permissions and bolted-on consent. However, an MDM falls short for a variety of reasons.

Sharing Personal Data Across Borders is Dangerous

July 16th saw the announcement of the long-awaited ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over Facebook’s transfer of data from Ireland to the US. The so-called Schrems II judgment had an immediate impact on the legality of international data transfers between the EU and ‘third countries’, rendering the previous Privacy Shield and adequacy agreements invalid.

Personal Data: Toxic or Non-Toxic

In today’s world, consumer data is without question one of a business’s most valuable assets. When used correctly, data powers a better understanding of your market and customers, customer behaviour and experience.