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Is your Privacy Platform your biggest risk?

Since the arrival of regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and POPIA, Data Privacy and Ethics teams have become a critically important function within a business. Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity teams now bear a lot of the responsibility of compliance, ensuring the protection of their customer’s data to avoid potentially record-breaking fines, and associated brand damage.

The case of Morgan Stanley: The need for Enterprise Data Retention Programmes

Last week saw confirmation of Morgan Stanley’s $60 million USD fine for having failed to ‘effectively assess or address risks associated with decommissioning its hardware’, having failed to ‘maintain an appropriate inventory of customer data stored on the devices.’ The Morgan Stanley case serves as a cautionary tale for Banks and global businesses.

Build vs Buy: Why You Should Never Build for Privacy

In a world of budget cuts, in which companies increasingly seem to be asked to do more with less, companies often face the dilemma of build vs buy. For some businesses, there may be no choice but to build, especially if there is no vendor that matches your unique requirements. For others, it may be a cultural choice to build - but is this always the right approach?

Decentralised vs Centralised Consent: The Dangers and Benefits

In a world governed by strict Data Protection Regulations, decentralised consent leads to greater risk of data misuse, data breaches, significant fines and increased brand damage.

Personal Data: Toxic or Non-Toxic

In today’s world, consumer data is without question one of a business’s most valuable assets. When used correctly, data powers a better understanding of your market and customers, customer behaviour and experience.

Sharing Personal Data Across Borders is Dangerous

July 16th saw the announcement of the long-awaited ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) over Facebook’s transfer of data from Ireland to the US.

MDMs Do Not Solve Personal Data Privacy

MDMs Do Not Solve Personal Data Privacy

How Will the Uptake of Digital Services Due to Covid-19 Impact Online Privacy?

We consider how the huge uptake in digital services during COVID-19 has impacted data privacy.

GDPR Compliance Two Years on: What’s The Situation?

In 2018, the world changed with the emergence of stringent GDPR compliance needs. After two years, we ask: Where are companies today?

Personal Data And Trust: Be The Champion For Your Customers

In today’s business landscape, personal data and trust is a business-critical priority. Find out how your business can become a personal data champion.

CMO vs. DPO: The War Over Data Protection Within Your Organisation

We discuss the rivalry between CMOs and DPOs in large organizations and consider how technology can provide a solution.

Build Trust With Risk-Free Customer Data Management Platform

We discuss how our risk-free customer data management software can help you build trust with your customers.

The Future of Personal Data Protection, Consent and Permissions

Discover the future of personal data protection, content and permissions. Trunomi’s patented TruID and TruCert technologies are changing the game.

Eliminate Your Business' Risk of a Data Breach

We investigate the cost of a data breach and consider how businesses can use technology to turn data into an opportunity.

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