3rd Party Data Reconciliation

Personal data regularly gets copied across systems, databases and third parties though its lifecycle within a business. With the introduction of requirements such as Data Subject Requests (DSRs) and breach notification policies within the GDPR, not knowing where your business’ PII has ended up can cost you time, effort and resources, as well as potentially large fines.

Businesses also have strong commercial reasons to understand where PII ends up, for example in campaign performance, customer conversions and lead referrals across partnerships.


Lead reconciliation with Trunomi allows you to identify individuals across multiple business entities, no matter how each partner IDs their customers.

Businesses can automate the matching of leads across partners using Trunomi’s anti-collision TruID technology,

Supported by Powerful Business Intelligence

3rd Party Data Reconciliation intelligence is automated with Trunomi’s Reporting, where you can get a single view of matched and unmatched leads across your partners.

Actionable insights for Privacy, Marketing and Finance teams

Audit-ready records allow you to evidence Privacy compliance end-to-end and get visibility into your lead referral and partner activities.